What It’s Like To Grow Up in a Big Family

If there is one thing that has shaped me the most as a person, it would be my big family. There is no doubt that I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am today if it weren’t for my incredible parents and my amazing (yet obnoxious) siblings. If you are from a big family, you can relate.

The biggest struggle of having a big family is taking family photos. I mean, it is a CHORE! There is always someone missing, someone looking at a different camera, or someone with their eyes closed. And with photos comes people’s good/bad sides, so making sure everyone is on their “good/bad” side is tiring enough. You can count to three all you want, but there will never be one picture that everyone is happy with.

With big families comes being accustomed to being called someone else’s name on a daily basis. It becomes a habit to respond to any name you hear because you are so used to being called some other name other than your own. If I got a dollar for every time my mother called me by one of my sibling’s names, I would have my own website!

Keeping track of everyone’s age is SO HARD. Seriously props to anyone who knows the exact age of all of their siblings and parents because I know I sure struggle when birthdays come around. Shopping for cards is so difficult because I’m always like “are they 7 or 10 now?” Time flies!!

Going off the birthday topic, birthdays are the WORST. You find your bank account crying each month because of all the birthdays you have to buy gifts for when you could be spending that money on food. You almost need two jobs to support your lifestyle!

But we all know Christmas is the best holiday because your family has finally come up with a system so you don’t have to buy gifts for everyone. I personally hate spending money, but when Christmas rolls around, I find myself spoiling whoever’s name I drew (within the budget, of course). This past Christmas I went to the Dollar Tree and got a bunch of small items to add to my gift, on top of the “big” gift so that I could get more bang for my buck – and spoil my family member a little more than others ❤

You learn to eat extremely fast. Growing up with a big family means eating as fast as you can in order to get seconds. And of course, you are always bribed by your parents with dessert. We all have been told “if you eat all your food, you can have a snack.” You BEST BELIEVE I was scarfing my food down so I could get my snack quicker.

Through all of this, your family will always be there for you no matter what. They are your best friends and your biggest fans. They want to watch you grow and succeed and are willing to do anything to make that happen. They may get on your nerves a countless number of times, but they will make you laugh even more – and it’s the laughs you are going to remember most.

Until next time…

Kenny xoxo

P.S. The photo above is of me at my high school graduation in 2014 with my dad, step mom, and five of my siblings. My mom, step dad, and three other siblings are not pictured. 


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